Active Listening believes that all people really matter.

We try to show this by offering a listening and signposting service, providing support to people during times of great difficulty, helping them move towards change and growth.

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Who we are.

  • Vision
  • Team
  • Our vision is to make a positive impact on local communities by having an activelistening team connected to every PSNI station, so that our listening and signposting service is available to vulnerable people throughout Northern Ireland.

  • Local: a Northern Ireland based charity working in partnership with PSNI to provide a service which, we believe, is the first of its kind in the UK.

    Confidential: we provide a totally confidential listening and signposting service to vulnerable people who are referred to us by PSNI.

    Available to all: in the local community where an activelistening team is based, volunteers will meet anyone from that community regardless of gender, race, creed or culture.

    Supportive: activelistening offers its service to support people struggling with issues such as domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide or risk of suicide, debt, self harm and bereavement.

    Offered through a Christian ethos: our volunteers are all committed members of the local community of Christian faith.

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What we do.

Our process:

1: Referral

Vulnerable people are referred to a local activelistening team by PSNI officers, as they meet or become aware of them.

2: Listening

Trained volunteer active listeners then go out, in pairs, to meet the vulnerable person, to listen to their story and build a connection with them.

3: Signposting

Where appropriate the active listeners will signpost the vulnerable person to local organizations which can provide expert support specific to their needs.

4: Transformation

Through this process our aim is to connect with people in local communities who have become isolated and who need support. Our hope is to see the lives of people we meet transformed, as we show our faith in action.

Ways to Give.

By giving to Active Listening you will be able to make a difference in a vulnerable persons life and in your community.

Give with confidence.


We need people to.

  • Listen
  • Network
  • Specialise
  • People who have a passion to connect with the vulnerable and isolated people in their local community and to see lives changed.

  • People who will connect with people, churches and other community focused organizations to promote our service and build the effectiveness of our teams.

  • People with HR, financial, fundraising, management, pastoral and other skills that can help us become better at what we do.
    Most importantly, people who will pray.

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